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things i’m glad i had


For me:

Solly Baby Wrap: This has been the most utilized and most beloved baby item. My aversion to hauling around a cumbersome carseat means this wrap gets used any time we go anywhere. He seems to really enjoy hanging out in it, so I wear it just as much at home as I do when we’re out and about.

Natural Nipple Butter: My midwife suggested I start applying this nipple butter right away after the birth and I never experienced any nipple trauma. I’m still using it diligently two month’s later.

Momma Zen: I randomly happened upon this book online and it may have liberated my soul; it was like having a confidant with whom to share all my tender, nebulous thoughts about this new life as Ilo’s guardian. The author articulated a lot of my complicated feelings, and managed to provide insight on some of the less alluring aspects of having a new baby.

Baggu basic tote and medium-sized pouch: I looked at many, many bags, and had to abruptly purchase this one just to end the incessant searching. And I love it. It works well with my frequent wrap wearing, and has a mini pouch inside to keep keys and phone. It feels classy and has lots of space, and so I never feel like my baby gear is oozing out all over the place. The only tricky thing is that it lacks compartments, which is where the pouch comes in. This pouch is large enough to hold wipes, diapers, a burp cloth, and a spare onesie. It’s nice to have everything in one handful when you’re on a mission for a quick diaper change.

Aesop Primrose Facial Cream: I got this for my birthday a month after Ilo was born. I’ve been uncharacteristically diligent in my nighttime routine, and I’m pretty sure this luxurious cream is to blame.

Journal: I have a journal by the bed and I jot down the essentials for the day. It’s a nice moment to reflect and record special moments and feelings.

For him:

Water wipes and butipod wipes container: These are touted as the “purest baby wipes,” and it’s nice to know I can use these wipes anywhere on my baby. They work great, and the container keeps them nice and moist. And comes in a two pack which was an unanticipated perk.

Gauze blankets: My mom gave us a stack of these blankets, and I adore them; they’re endlessly soft without being stifling, and we use one every night to swaddle our baby.

EO Body Oil: My sister in law was used massage oil on her baby, and she had only good things to say about it. I’ve really fallen in love with EO products and even though this body oil isn’t specifically for babies, the main ingredient is safflower oil, which is the primary oil in lots of baby oils.

Honorable mentions: soothie pacifier; lots of white onesies; my casio watch to keep track of feedings, nap times, bed times; cloth diapers (the brand I’m using has been discontinued unfortunately); a joint google photos account with spencer to share photos and have them automatically uploaded to the cloud; and our baby swing, which I believe extends his naps and my productive hours.

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