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Going Natural

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Since becoming pregnant, I’ve gotten a lot more vigilant, or at least more aware of the products I’ve been using. It hasn’t been an all-out revolution (and slurpees are still my preferred pregnancy treat) but I’ve learned some important things, and whether they’ll actually make a difference in the long run – who knows. But here are a few things that I’ve been using, that I like, that you can buy at the drugstore for cheap, and that flatter me into thinking I’m being a good mother/baby-growing-host.

1. Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant – Lavender + Sage: I actually got this way before I got pregnant, but the no-aluminum is nice, and it works well at keeping things fresh. I’m trying to use up the last of my Ban deodorant so that when the breastfeeding starts happening, baby’s getting a mouthful of coconut oil, and not aluminum.

2. Kirk’s Original Coco Castile soap: I also had this soap laying around, and decided to use it full time when my body wash ran out. I like that it’s simple, lathers well, and isn’t owned by Proctor and Gamble (for some reason that’s a thing for me). It’s inexpensive and genuinely odorless. I always put on lotion after showers, so I can’t say for sure if it dries out one’s skin or not.

3. Everyone Face Moisturizer: I had previously been using a couple EO products before I found this face moisturizer on the bottom shelf at the natural foods store. It’s definitely the most inexpensive natural moisturizer I can find, and it uses argan oil, which makes me feel fancy.

4. Smith’s Rosebud Salve: I have had this tin for years, and am ready to buy a replacement. It’s perfectly multi-purpose and goes on really smooth and has the prettiest packaging.

5. Burt’s Bees Hand Salve: As the weather got colder, I told myself I would NOT have dry, cracking hands – which always happens. This sticks around longer than lotion, and the smell is addicting; maybe it’s just a weird pregnancy thing, but sometimes I put it on just to sniff the back of my hands.

6. Neutrogena Naturals facial cleanser: This cleanser uses salicylic acid (just like their neon orange version) but this guy uses a natural form found in tree bark (I know, I know). My face is pretty generous and doesn’t necessarily require special washing. This works to get my face clean, and again, it’s “natural” so I get to feel better about myself.

7. Sonia Kashuk nail polish: This was the most well researched choice; my midwife mentioned that regular nail polish can give little boys funny-looking boy parts (in other word, 1 out of 600 boys is born with his urethra pointing down instead of straight out); the research isn’t conclusive, but the Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) in regular nail polish is reportedly to blame – at least in part. You’ve probably heard of 5-free (or 3-free) products that exclude the chemicals Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, in addition to Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor. More and more brands are available that are 5-free, and Sonia Kashuk is $5 at target.

Like so many other things in this pregnancy (like not eating sushi, or [copious amounts of] raw cookie dough, or taking handfuls of vitamins) these products may not make my baby a genius, and he may still have developmental difficulties – but it does make you feel better to be aware, and to just see what we’re really surrounded by and to look for potential alternatives.


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