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Bathroom Reno: Phase 3

One of the appealing aspects of this house was that the things that needed fixing weren’t in-your-face, can’t-function-until-this-is-done kinds of projects. Some of the houses we looked at lacked windows, walls, floors, ceilings, etc (we were looking primarily at foreclosed homes), and we knew that because of money or time, we would want to ease into projects. So it was in this bathroom; other than the previously mentioned slow drains, the bathroom was functional and not terrible looking, but we were anxious to get things updated. The bathroom came with an enormous mirror that fills the space above the sink quite nicely. Little did I know when I decided to pull the mirror down one day that it was that big for a reason.


The mirror strategically hid various holes in the wall and a great big lousy patch job (the purple is some shimmering wallpaper and the yellow is where it had been peeled off in parts. We actually found the same lovely wallpaper behind the medicine cabinet we removed above the toilet, so it wasn’t too much of a shock of bathroom jobs gone by). I admit I was nervous to see what atrocities lay behind this amalgamation of ply board, wallpaper and green tape.


In fact, the board was covering up an insulation-filled space for a medicine cabinet! For a half second I was ready to abandon all our previous plans and budgets and spring for a medicine cabinet to put back in, but alas, we opted to cover it up and let the knowledge of it die forever with us.


The photo above is all kinds of¬†nasty. We’ve come so far, and covered up so much.


Once we knew what we were dealing with above, it was time to remove the sink itself. Although we weren’t fans of the formica countertop and mini backsplash, one thing that sink did well was FILL THE SPACE. It’s about 41″ from the wall to a comfortable distance from the toilet. That may not sound like any kind of obstacle, but it’s just the right amount of space to be stupidly large for a pedestal sink (though I looked at a ton) and yet too snug for most double-sink varieties. We ended up getting this sink from ikea. It’s actually perfect; it fills in the space, provides counter space for curling irons, toothbrushes, and blow driers, and still provides ample storage below. (Although¬†some of our friends had put in a version of this sink, and I knew it came in a larger size, I did not want the glossy finish that they’d put in. As it ends up there’s a matte version that’s not on ikea’s website, and it took me many afternoons of looking at sinks to realize this one would work so well.)

bath3.5Ta da. Not only does the sink look great, but the wall is all patched and the first boards are up (board and batten progress is still ongoing btw). The setup functions great. And in the next phase (4?) we get to see more demo, this time in shower.

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